Curriculum Vita

Parvin Ahanchi


Academic Positions

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography

Leading Researcher

January 2008 – present
Head of Computer Historical Research Section

January, 1995-December, 2007

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

A.A.Bakikhanov Institute of History

Senior Researcher

1990 – 2009


PhD in History

M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University

Department of History, 1990-1993

Dissertation Title

“Quantitative Analysis of the Conditions of Workers in the Baku Oil Industry at the End of the XIX and the Beginning of the XX Centuries” (on Personnel Files of the Oil Industrial workers of “Nobel brothers’ oil producing company”).

Junior History Researcher Certificate (equivalent to M.A.)
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Institute of History, 1987-1990

Teacher of History and Social Science Certificate (equivalent to B.A.)

Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute

Department of History, 1980-1984


2008-2009 University of Wisconsin Madison, University of California Davis, Fulbright Scholar

2010 – February-June, San Jose State University of California, Visiting scholar

1996    Max-Plank-Institute of History, Visiting Researcher, 1996.

1995…Historical Informatics: European Model-95. Moscow State University

1994…Historical Informatics: European Model-94. Moscow State University

1993…Historical Informatics: European Model-93. Moscow State University

1992…Historical Informatics: European Model-92. Moscow State University

Research Interests

Nobel Brothers’ Oil Producing Company activity in developing Azerbaijani oil industry

the first and modern “oil booms” in Azerbaijan

Comparative Study of the Emergence of the Oil Industry in Azerbaijan and the U.S.A

Migration, ethnicity and inter-ethnic relations

Islam in the South Caucasus during the Russian Imperial and Early Sovietization Periods

Quantitative methods and computer applications in history

Oral history and History of Archiving in Azerbaijan


Reading/Writing/Listening/Speaking:  English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Persian

Professional Affiliations

Association for the Study of Nationalities, 2009 –

Azerbaijan Association of Culture “SIMURG”, 2005 – present

Member the Editorial Board of Journal “Azerbaijan Archaeology and Ethnography”, (2003-2007)

Member the Scientific Consul of ANAS, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, (1995 -2007

International Association History and Computing, 1993 – present

Russian Association History and Computer, 1992 – present


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